About Grassland Water Solutions

Trusted provider of socially responsible, non-tributary water.

Agricultural Industry:

Agriculture is a major consumer of ground and surface water, accounting for over 90% of consumptive water use in many Western States. The value of freshwater cannot be overstated, as it is essential for maintaining an adequate food supply.

We obtain the majority of our nutrients from crops and livestock, both requiring significant amounts of water. Keeping pace with demand is increasingly challenging, but by providing a source of non-tributary freshwater, GWS strives to be a part of the solution.


Water plays a big role in our local communities. Without water there would be no local business or manufacturing. Industry relies on freshwater for all levels of production, and GWS provides a source of freshwater to help support rural communities.


As our populations and economies grow, the need for water continues to increase exponentially, leaving an ever widening gap between supply and demand. Availability of water is one of the major factors in limiting development. Simultaneously, we are faced with a warming climate resulting in challenges to sustain water reserves, and contending with increasing drought severity. The ability to adapt and remain flexible is the key to increasing Colorado’s climate resiliency in the water sector, and GWS provides a socially responsible alternative to surface water.

Oil & Gas:

Grassland Water Solutions is a trusted provider of freshwater for oil and gas exploration in the Niobrara. We provide non-tributary water, which is a socially responsible water supply for oil and gas. Non-tributary water has no impact on tributary basins, which impact other water rights and put pressure on water costs and availability for municipalities and farmers.

Through an expanding network of infrastructure and regional connections, GWS delivers a reliable water supply to area drilling locations at the lowest price, while reducing truck traffic that can damage County roads and create dust that impacts the ranching community.

Infrastructure Development and Management

Based in Northern Colorado, Grassland Water Solutions is a trusted and socially responsible provider of fresh water. We are focused on developing non-tributary sources of groundwater for agriculture, rural industries, and municipalities. We help grow food, develop communities, and reduce the impacts of drought on society.

Stakeholder Partnerships:

GWS works closely with area stakeholders to streamline delivery and keep projects reliable, safe and economical. The company’s partners include:

Together, GWS’s expanding infrastructure and regional connections provide powerful water solutions for agriculture, industry, and municipalities.

Pawnee Water Facility